The Committee


MKF Committee 2014-2016 – From left: Anthony Abela (Vice President), Christine Micallef (PRO), Michelle Vella (General Secretary), Kenneth Abela (President), Audrey Zammit (IT Director), Jesmond Schembri (Technical Director) and Damian Vella Lenicker (Events Coordinator)

Mission Statement

The mission of the MKF is to administer and promote all forms of Karate on a National scale. The Federation will endeavour to ensure that all the Clubs within the MKF seek to train their athletes to a high standard of technical excellence, and undertake the development of their mental perseverance and physical health. It will also seek to secure the participation of its members in national and international karate activities.

Message from the Club’s President

On behalf of the Malta Karate Federation (MKF), I would like to welcome you to the Malta Karate Federation official website.

The MKF has a great history behind it and it is the Executive Committee’s intention to continue to build upon what has been achieved throughout the years through hard work, perseverance, and sheer determination. As most are aware, self discipline plays a very important role in Karate training, and it has surely been a vital ingredient in achieving what we have today. Moreover, any long term flourishing undertaking in life owes its success to a display of a great sense of respect; respect towards your elders, respect towards your minors, respect towards your peers, in general respect towards your environment. The MKF continuously tries to instil in our members achievement of higher levels of performance which occasionally seem to be beyond us, however we simultaneously equally emphasise on the importance that these achievements are not made at the expense of disrespecting other people and thus completely in harmony with all of one’s surroundings.

I believe that no amount of words will even start to explain the advantages of gaining control of all situations as mentioned above and much more. I believe I have said enough….come in (in relation to both the website AND training Karate – pun intended), the water’s lovely :-).

Kenneth Abela
Malta Karate Federation


P.S. For visitors to our website who are not from Malta, and who are considering visiting our lovely Island, do contact us and we will gladly direct you to any of our classes. We welcome, and to high extent promote any exchange of ideas and training methods because we believe these are naturally beneficial to all.
Thank you for visiting our site and WELCOME to the MKF!